Faisal Aldaye DNA/RNA based devices for synthetic biology Abstract Presentation
Steven Benner Foundation For Applied Molecular Evolution (FFAME), Gainesville, Florida, USA Abstract Presentation
Peter Leslie Dutton Photosynthetic and oxidation-reduction proteins from scratch Abstract Presentation
Jean-Loup Faulon A retrosynthetic biology approach to design metabolic pathways for therapeutics production Abstract Presentation
Piet Herdewijn A chemical approach to an environmentally safe synthetic biology Abstract Presentation
Farren Isaacs Genome Engineering Technologies for Rapid Programming & Evolution of Organisms Abstract
Alfonso Jaramillo Abstract
Jay Keasling Synthetic Biology for Synthetic Chemistry Abstract Presentation
François Képès Global transcriptional optimization in microorganisms Abstract
Carole Lartigue Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome Abstract
Norman Packard Learning to cope with complexity in iterated high throughput experiments Abstract
Denis Pompon Transposition of animal and plant biosynthetic pathways in yeast cells: from successes to challenges Abstract Presentation
Nadrian Seeman DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life Abstract
Michael Sismour Quantifying the Successes and Failures of Evolution to Further Synthetic Biology Abstract Presentation
Eric Westhof Sequence-based Detection of RNA Architectural Modules Abstract Presentation