Philippe Soucaille

Chief Scientific Officer, METabolic EXplorer, France

Philippe Soucaille is Chief Scientific Officer at Metabolic Explorer and Professor of Microbial Physiology at the National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA Toulouse, France). He is an expert on the physiology and molecular genetics of bacteria and published more than 80 papers in this field. He and his group at INSA recently pioneered methods for the in vivo evolution of enzymes and metabolic pathways and successfully applied them to the production of several bulk chemicals.

Pr Soucaille is inventor or co-inventor on more than 60 patents. He has been a member of many national and international committees and served on the scientific advisory boards of several companies. Pr Soucaille coordinated or participated in several EU projects in Metabolic Engineering and has organized several international scientific conferences. Previously, he served as senior scientist and project leader at Genencor International Inc where he managed the 1, 3-propanediol project, an industrial collaborative project with DuPont de Nemours involving more than 40 scientists. This pioneering research represents a major breakthrough in the development of chemicals from clean, renewable raw materials.

Dr. Soucaille received MA and PhD degrees in Biochemical Engineering from INSA.