Vincent Schächter

Dr. Vincent Schächter is Vice President, Research and Development, at Total Gas & Power. In his current position, he is responsible for Total's R&D programs and partnerships in cleantech, including solar (Photovoltaics and CSP), CCS, energy storage and biotechnology. The network of R&D partnerships he is developing includes start-ups such as Amyris, Konarka, or AEP, as well as several academic institutes in the US and in Europe.

Before moving to Total in 2009 to start the biotechnology R&D effort, Vincent Schächter was head of the Computational Systems Biology Laboratory at the Institute for Genomics of CEA (Commissariat ā l'Energie Atomique), a large French government research organization. His research there focused on the reconstruction and analysis of genome-scale metabolic models using high-throughput experimental data. His group coordinated or participated in several EU projects in systems biology and computational biology (MICROME, ENFIN, Biosapiens, TARPOL). Dr Schächter has organized several international scientific meetings. He also acquired applied experience first as Director of Bioinformatics Research at Hybrigenics SA, a biotechnology company, then as Director of Bioinformatics at Genoscope, the French national Genome Center. Vincent Schachter holds a PhD in mathematics from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.