Denis Pompon

Molecular Genetic Center, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France

Dr. Denis POMPON is first class Director of Research at CNRS and is the PI of the Membrane Protein Engineering group at the Center for Molecular Genetics (CGM) in Gif-sur-Yvette. He is also heading a French federation of academic and industrial research groups (GDR2825) dedicated to new approaches in directed evolution of proteins.

Initially educated as a chemist engineer, he graduated in the field of redox enzyme mechanism before starting to develop his research in the emerging molecular biology field following a post-doctoral stay at the University of Michigan in the 80th. After his return to France, he developed his research team around the use of yeast as expression host for membrane bound multi-enzymatic systems with a focus on mono-oxygenase. Latter he progressively extends his interest to protein engineering by association of rational and combinatorial approaches and more recently to nano-biotechnology with approaches going from single molecule to system biology.

His current research team at CGM develops multidisciplinary researches in synthetic biology associating genetic, molecular biology, biochemical and biophysical approaches applied to protein and metabolic pathways engineering with a focus on membrane bound oxidative and conjugation reactions. His academic research in the field of Biotechnology resulted in over 150 main publications and 10 patents. He is member of the scientific advisory board of several academic organisations and companies and regularly acts as evaluator for the French and European research agencies.

E-mail: Phone: +33 169823680.

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