François Képès

SynBio 2011
Credits: Epigemonics Project

François Képès is a cell and systems biologist. He is currently studying the dynamics and spatial development of regulatory networks in the cell. François Képès is a research director at CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research. He is the founding director of the Epigenomics Project (Genopole®), an institute of complex studies that is dedicated to the emerging disciplines of systems and synthetic Biology. He is an associate member of the Centre for Research in Applied Epistemology (École Polytechnique).

He is the author of over 90 scientific publications and the editor or writer of 14 books. He has organized or chaired numerous international (5-6 per year) and national scientific events, including some in synthetic biology since 2006. He is involved in various projects at the national or European level. Dr. Képès is the editor of three international journals, referee for 19 others, and is an expert advisor for European, North- and South-American funding agencies. He is a referent for European Commission prospective on systems and synthetic biology, as well as on complex systems and on biomimetic algorithms. He is also a referent for synthetic biology at CNRS and at the Ministry of Research. He was the team leader of the first French iGEM team that was finalist and won the first prize of foundational research at MIT in 2007.

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