Alexei Grinbaum

Laboratoire des Recherches sur les Sciences de la Matière (CEA-LARSIM), France

Alexei Grinbaum is a researcher at CEA-LARSIM located in Saclay near Paris. His main interest is in the philosophy of physics and the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Since 2003 he has also been working on the ethical and social aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Grinbaum's early publications in this area focus on the uncertainty of technological progress and the problem of governance, including a critique of the precautionary principle ("Living With Uncertainty: Toward a Normative Assessment of Nanotechnology", Techné 8(2):4-25, 2004), and on public perception of nanotechnology ("Cognitive Barriers in Perception of Nanotechnology,"Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, 34(4): 689-694, 2006). His later work bears on the question of narratives of nanotechnology ("The Nanotechnological Golem", Nanoethics, 4(3):191-198, 2010).

He is a coordinator for France of the European observatory of nanotechnology, where his principal contribution is the Toolkit for Ethical Reflection and Communication on Nanotechnology. He is a frequent speaker at public debates on nanotechnology and science & society conferences both in France and internationally.

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