Geneviève Fioraso

Member of Parliament, National Assembly, France

SynBio 2011
Credits: National Assembly

Geneviève Fioraso is a French Member of Parliament, representing the first district of Isère since June 2007. She is a member of the center-left Socialist Party. In the National Assembly (lower House of Parliament), she is a member of the Committee on Economic Affairs, Environment and Territory, and a member of the Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment (OPECST) . Since 2008, she has been deputy mayor for the Economy, Universities and Research in the City Council of Grenoble. During her previous term, she was deputy assistant for the Economy, Innovation, Trade and Craft, and First Vice-President of Metro - the greater urban authority of Grenoble - in charge of economic development.

Since 2003, she has been the CEO of S.E.M. Minatec Entreprises (public-private venture, entrusted with the marketing of high-tech Minatec facility for nanotechnologies). Prior to her election to the French Assembly, Congresswoman Fioraso served as a senior marketing manager at France Telecom and as director of the Agence Régionale du Numérique, a regional agency set up by the digital network of cities of the Rhône-Alpes. She holds two masters degrees in English and Economics, and worked as an English teacher in Amiens.